Insolite, Trends and Co.

***Artistic and Poetic works: Mila’s daydreams***

A mother tries to imagine and to capture the dreams of her little girl.

Check out here.

***Unique fashion/photography magazines***

- Egoïste magazine, Plastique magazine, Encens magazines (which you could buy here in Paris at Ofr )

Lise Sarfati, Austin, Texas- Magnum

- Fashion magazine (n°4) “Lise Sarfati, Austin, Texas” : which invites recently the official photographer of l’ Académie des Beaux-Arts.

October 8, 2008 : article & pictures-Blog Photo (in french)

Upcoming exhibitions of Lise Sarfati : click here

***Devian Art posters & art works : link***


San Sombrero : click here

***Yung – artist, Photographs – Wonderland***

E-Sushi – Art et Design

Yeondoo Jung Artworks

Miss Sparkle Sprinkles the Magic - 2005

The Magician Turned the Wale into a Flower - 2004

Giant Flowers-2004

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