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Charles and Tom cook up a royal treat

Daily Mail – November 7, 2008 – By Richard Kay.

THE world may be changing faster than we can keep pace with, but one law of life is immutable — it’s not what you know, but who you know. Tom Parker Bowles would be the first to admit that his meteoric career as a food writer and TV presenter is not entirely unrelated to his name.

For in an astonishing coup, who is going to appear on television programme Market Kitchen, where Tom has a regular slot, but his stepfather the Prince of Wales.

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Kanga’s false friend

Daily Mail – November 7, 2008.

PRINCE Charles’s Other Mistress, a documentary about Dale ‘Kanga’ Tryon, was a morbid affair. Plagued by illness, depression and suicide attempts, Kanga died a sad and lonely woman.

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Prince of Wales regaled with tale of royal love triangle

The Prince of Wales visits the Borobudur Temple, in central Java

The Prince of Wales visits the Borobudur Temple, in central Java

The Prince impressed religious leaders with his knowledge of Islam as he ended his Far East tour at the Borobudur Temple (Photo : John Stillwell/PA)

The Times – November 4, 2008 – By Valentine Low.

Yogyakarta - When the Sultan of Yogyakarta put on a display of traditional dance for the Prince of Wales today, he probably thought that his performers were doing no more than re-telling one of the great stories of Indonesian mythology.

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The brunch bunch join Charles for partyNo 3

The Daily Mail on Sunday – November 2, 2008.

PRINCE CHARLES was supposed to have not one but two parties to celebrate his 60th birthday this month.

But now, not content with a reception and dinner at Buckingham Palace followed by a private shindig at his Highgrove home in Gloucestershire, he will be guest of honour at a third lavish bash.

It has been arranged because some guests invited to the Palace on November 13 – the day before Charles’s birthday – are miffed after being told they will be able to stay for drinks only, and are not invited for dinner.

I’m told that among those whose noses are out of joint are Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and their children Lady Ella and Lord Freddie Windsor.

The Prince Charles Generation

Live Night and Day – November 2, 2008.

Channel 4, 9pm

When a 21-gun salute on November 14, 1948, heralded the arrival into the world of Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor, Princess Elizabeth wasn’t the only new mother delighted to have a baby son. But while much of Prince Charles’s destiny was mapped out for him from birth, those other newborns who shared his birthday faced a more uncertain future, as they made their way through life in a postwar, bankrupt Britain without so much as a title or palace to their name.

Prince Charles’ Other Mistress

Prince Charles and Lady Dale Tryon

Prince Charles and Lady Dale Tryon

Live Night and Day – November 2, 2008.

Channel 4, 9pm

This look at the life and times of Lady Dale Tryon offers a revealing insight into the sexual etiquette of high society. An Australian social climber and fashion designer, aka ‘Kanga’, she is the forgotten other woman in the life of HRH The Prince of Wales, meaning that there weren’t three people in his marriage, as Princess Diana once complained, but four.

Weeeee are not amused

OBSESSION: Peaches ROYAL VI-PEE: Prince Philip at Sandringham and below Charles and Camilla on their tour in Brunei

Daily Star Weekend – November 2, 2008- By Neil Chandler and Clive Goodman.


DESPERATE Prince Philip used the royal wee yesterday after getting caught short on a shooting party.

The royal big gun decided he’d never make it to the nearest throne room, so he whipped out the crown jewels in full view of a public road.

Philip, who was leading the party at Sandringham, the Queen’s Norfolk estate, seemed to think he couldn’t be seen.

But a passer-by said: “It was an amazing sight. Those dark glasses didn’t fool anyone and he was caught red-handed with his finger on the trigger.

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Lady Jane springs a surprise

The Daily Mail – October 28, 2008 – By Richard Kay.

As the well-brought-up daughter of the nonagenarian Duke of Wellington, Lady Jane Wellesley is naturally fulsome in the acknowledgements for her weighty new history of her aristocratic clan, A Journey Through My Family.

Top: Smitten, Lady Jane with Loyd last week. Bottom: Royal affair, Lady Jane Wellesley with Prince Charles in 1978

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The prince has to choose

The Guardian – October 31, 2008 – By Dick Taverne.

If Charles wants to lecture us on the plight of the world he must renounce his claim to the throne.

Prince Charles is a man of passionate convictions who expresses his views publicly, assiduously and provocatively. For instance, he believes he has a mission to save the world from GM crops, which he described in his recent Sir Albert Howard Memorial lecture as “a gigantic experiment with nature and the whole of humanity which has gone seriously wrong”. He tells us that only organic crops are truly sustainable. He has also urged the government to promote alternative medicine and homeopathy in particular. In fact we must go Back to Nature, because he trusts Mother Earth to see to it “that plants and animals are left to protect themselves against disease”. Science is clearly out of control, and he questions its contribution to modern medicine as well as agriculture.

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Charles strikes Mandelson off invitations list

Evening Standard – October 20, 2008.

PETER Mandelson has been living like a lord recently, hobnobbing with George Osborne, Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothschild and Oleg Deripaska during his summer holidays in Corfu.

Disappointingly, however, now that he really is Lord Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool, one much-prized invitation has slipped from his grasp. Gordon Brown’s new Business Secretary has not been asked toPrince Charles’s 60th birthday party at Highgrove.

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