Daily Archives: December 9, 2008

Queen Victoria’s sleigh put on show

Queen Victoria's sleigh has gone on display for the first at Windsor Castle in Berkshire

The Press Association – December 9, 2008.

A winter sleigh used by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert has gone on display for the first time.

The two-seater carriage, painted red and gold and lined with velvet, is being exhibited at Windsor Castle to mark the festive season.

Victoria and Albert often enjoyed rides around Windsor during winter months in the sleigh made by the firm Hooper & Co.

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The Economist pulled from sale in Thailand after criticising monarch

The Guardian – December 9, 2008 – By Ian MacKinnon.

BANGKOK - The Economist disappeared from newsstands in Thailand this week after its cover story – critical of the country’s revered monarch – risked landing local distributors in jail.

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